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Writing terrible code since 2005.

Hi there, i’m Moppler 👋🏻

By day, i’m a proud dad, programmer and mechanical keyboard enthusiast. By night, I’m also those things, but also tired.

I like to dabble in projects, most of the time I don’t get any where near to completing them. Most of my Github Repos are provate because the sheer number of abandoned projects is staggerring.

The Moppler handle is relatively new, I created it as my old one was too closely linked to my real identity and as i’ve gotten older, I have found that I prefer the anonymity.

If I don’t completely forget, I plan to use the space to document my thoughts as well as some of the odd projects that I work on.

Get in touch

Wether you are interested in joining me on one of my projects or think i’d be interested in one of yours. Please get in touch, i’d love to hear from you.