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MUD Initial Thoughts

A little history

This isn’t the first time i’ve had a go at building MUDs. I’ve tried a couple of different times over the years. I’ve tried building from scratch and i’ve tried using frameworks. All of them have worked with limited success but none of them have been totally successful. In hindsight, I think i’ve struggled to get excited about them because they have all felt awkward to program. A combination of using telnet and trying to emulate things i’ve seen in existing populat MUDs have muddied my views of things. With this latest attempt I want to try and fix my issues.


In my opinion, telnet has served its purpose and is not worth pursuing anymore; Time to move on. After a lot of thought I have settled on shipping a client. I’d be interested in making use of ssh for this theres a great blog post about it.

In order to keep things simple and allow me to iterate quickly, the plan is to start with a CLI written in Node and shipped via NPM. It’s free, easy and I know exactly how to do it. Making use of the terminal provides me with a strict limitation on aesthetics, keeping my focus on mechanics. The best part however, is that my implementation makes it pretty easy to add different, more sophisticated, clients in the future.